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A nice chilly day outside the Abashiri Prison Museum in Hokkaido on Tuesday.

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A good place to visit - really eye-opening. One of the wings had a hot air pipe installed down the hall (later). The other wing had no heating at all. Those poor prisoners!

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Sort of looks like a WW II German Employment Camp. Terrible.

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After the semi-clad sensual pouting posted this morning, this picture is worse than an ice-cold shower.

Seeing the other pics attached really opens up other doors of life in Japanese culture.

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I like the two mascots, Chained Naughty Workgang-Kun and Beehive Head Guard-Chan.

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Wonder if the person taking the picture was bringing someone in or taking them home.

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Now, THATS a prison. Imagine going there for just a month in the winter. I wonder how many people froze to dead in there.

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WTH ! A prison museum ?

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if US prisons were like that the chicago murder rate would drop to zero overnight!

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Well, I'm guessing one stint in there would sever the recidivism rate

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KurobuneJAN. 25, 2017 - 04:06PM JST WTH ! A prison museum ?

Have you never been to one? They are fascinating. Recently I also saw visited prison museum in Hanoi, known by Americans as the "Hanoi Hilton". Most Americans (and Canadians like myself) know it from the era of the US-Vietnam war as a terrible place where American prisoners such as John McCain were imprisoned and tortured. What I did not know before visiting is that it was built by French colonialists to imprison and torture local Vietnamese. They brought over and used a guillotine. And holy heck things were improved a whole lot by the time the Americans were there!! My thoughts were that Abashiri prision (which I think was used up until the 1980s) was somewhere in between the French era Hanoi prison and the US-Vietnam war era prison. All absolutely brutal.

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That tree's had one too many.

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its cold and it reads -7 °C.But the pic is taken on 24th , today Hokkaido is a little warmer than yesterday.Current temperature in Sapporo and Hakodate is -4°C and -2°C respectively at 6.00 p.m. JST.

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StookiBill: "I like the two mascots, Chained Naughty Workgang-Kun and Beehive Head Guard-Chan."

Hey, don't knock them! It probably took several panels and millions of yen for scholars to decide on.

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Actually, it is an interesting museum. They offer an old-fashioned "prison-style" lunch that is quite tasty. And you get to eat with the prisoners in the main diningroom ... mannequins that are made to look like prisoners. I also got a picture taken of myself "bathing" with a bathroom room full of prisoners.

If you get a chance, I suggest that you visit the prison. But ... it is one place I surely wouldn't want to be "housed" in.

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Was this the for runner to the capsule hotel?? they could always let you stop over night for a star bargain price of 10, 000 yen. then in the morning you can be beaten with a stick to get the true authentic feeling!

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Was this the for runner to the capsule hotel?

It actually implemented a Panopticon-like concept, with cell blocks radiating off a central hub. Many of the buildings have cultural landmark designation.

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Been around since the Meiji era it seems.


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