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A Chindonya drummer, right, distributes advertisement leaflets to passersby in the street in Tokyo, on Saturday. Chindonya is a traditional band whose members march through streets while performing musical instruments to advertise sales at local shops, the opening of restaurants and other establishments.

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Thumbs-down me, but I'm so tired of people trying to hand me stuff.

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Better than the pestiferous beggars who have proliferated in many cities of the world recently!

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Thumbs-down me, but I'm so tired of people trying to hand me stuff.

actually I'm tired of seeing people handing out tissues and other stuff with a big smile, abruptly holding their leaflets when they see me coming their way. For some reason I'm not seen as a potential consumer in this country.

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Abenomics Stimulus (!)

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More skillful avocational training should be provided to Chindonya drummers to open up more better employment avenues to enable them to settle down for a better life .

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The Chindonya bands that I've seen actually play pretty good music.

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