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Chindonya ad band


A Japanese chindonya marching band spreads fliers advertising for local businesses in Tokyo on Thursday. The traditional street musicians in old costumes walking around towns to promote businesses are now a rare form of advertising.

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I really like these groups.Way nicer than shouty megaphone announcers.

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Interesting, colorful photos showing the contrasts of Japan’s traditional and modern culture always brighten the ‘front’ page, … and the spirits. - Have great day, everyone.

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I always wondered what they we're up to.

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Last time I saw these they were advertising a bar that had opened...I tried to find the place, but finally gave up. Figured I would try and patronize someone who used them.

PS-at first I though it was a spoof of the Abbey Rd photo.

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I remember that there were lots of chindonya in Shinjuku when I was a kid in the 80s. There aren't any now. A couple of years ago I saw one in Ueno. I guess that is just like all the mom-and-pop shops disappearing and being replaced by chain stores. Kind of too bad.

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