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Chocolate fever


Women are seen browsing through chocolate boutiques at a women-only guest preview for the opening of "Chocolate Paradise 2016" at the Seibu Ikebukuro department store in Tokyo's Toshima Ward on Friday evening. The annual event, which features a display of 120 chocolate brands, is one of the largest chocolate shopping festivals in the capital held ahead of Valentine's Day. "Chocolate Paradise 2016" runs from Saturday until Feb 14.

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Do they hand out lots of free samples? Maybe I will head there.

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i sure they will hand out samples. how sad, wish i can be there.

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It would be good for these women, perhaps some of them mothers, to know and for the media to point out that chocolate by some of the largest producers use cocoa harvested with child slave labour. Here are a few not so sweet band names: Hershey, Mars, Nestle, ADM Cocoa, Godiva, Fowler’s Chocolate, Kraft, according to US Uncut. Some Chocolate that might appear to be environmentally and socially sensitive, such as Dagoba Organic Chocolate, is now owned by Hershey.

Here is a good recent article on this:


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lots of clothing, cookware, almost everything if produced in any countries, possibility of child labor, hard labor or under paid labor involved. we can not survived if see things this way, as we can not provide our own. life is good and bad.

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Thanks warispeace... great and timely post.

we can not survived if see things this way

That seems very selfish.

We can try to change things for better... not just selfishly think about ourselves, but also think about people (children) in other countries who have to toil under harsh conditions.

Just because they are far away doesn't mean we can't try to do something.

As consumers, we have power.

The first thing we need is information, such as warispeace's post and link above.

Then we can refuse to buy things from any company that is using slave labor.

Finally we can use the Internet to let everyone know what we are doing.

By this process I think we can gradually make changes.

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I have no interest in this but isnt a women only sexist. The regular feminists here would be bawling if JT reported about a men only event at a store. I find the double standards annoying and queer.

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Shoots! I guess men don't buy chocolate in Japan. No one cares about enviro-wacko-labor issues.

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I'm a man and buy chocolate, just not that overpriced junk. No point in paying for a brand name when it is going to disappear in your belly anyway!

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Women are the ones giving candy to men on Valentine's Day over there? How strange. . . .

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Woman only? Valentines day in Japan is for woman only to buy for men.

Women take note, I'll settle for a mars bar any day of the week.

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Am I the only reader who thinks the headline "Chocolate Fever" sounds like an AV title?

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Chocolate symbolizes luxury, comfort, gratification and love but when things get rough all you need is chocolate. It makes me happy and taste real good and is also a part of my life.

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@warispeace - Could you tell us where we can buy any of the chocolate made by any of the slave-free companies listed on your link in Japan?

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