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Christmas in July?


A poster for Tokyo Metro shows Santa Claus, dressed in a yukata, asking where the fireworks are. The poster says Tokyo Metro's mission is to attend everyone from around the world.

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Play some Christmas music, you'll feel cooler!

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I like it!

I actually saw some yukatas for sale today at the mall. I don't have one personally, but I'd like how purchase one for the upcoming fireworks. However, the designs are only those traditional looking ones with flowers and stuff. It'd be nice if they have some more modern design looking ones such as Harajuku and Shibuya styles, for example, the designs on Tokidoki bags.

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This poster will get more publicity with the slight English twist.

They can attend me. I like firework displays.

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No cool biz version of the santa clause suit with short sleeves...?

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Never mind the fireworks, where is Santa?

This is some bloke dressed up in a false beard!

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Why is Santa so sad?

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Gosh Serrano, are you related to the GRINCH?? Where is your X mass spirit in the MIDDLE OF JULY?? Hahaha!!

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They used "attend" as a transitive verb, meaning "to take part," while their meaning is clearly the intransitive "attend to," meaning serve.

Cute poster, but don't these people have native-language proofreaders?

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This is a dumb poster.

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Christmas in July? no surprise, i have seen banner 'summer clearance sale" in July.

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I think fireworks are in this guys HEAD for letting himself get dressed up as Santa Clause in the MIDDLE OF DISGUSTINGLY HOT AND HUMID TOKYO JULY hell on earth summer!! Maybe he got some nice $$$??

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