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Christmas kiss


A couple kiss in front of a giant Christmas tree in the lobby of the Marunouchi Building in Tokyo.

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Awwww! So cute ^.^ I hope they have a great time together ^.^

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A romantic moment and she's taking a selfie, as well.

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Cute, why does Japan start XMAS so early? It is way over the top to have decorations up from the second week in November. People are wishing me Merry Xmas already. I reply with " yoi otoshio" that usually gets a laugh and an admonishment that it's too early. Anyway JT'ers have a safe holiday season!

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"Cute, why does Japan start XMAS so early?"

It's not only in Japan, it's happening everywhere.

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Even though I am not a Christian, I believe in the message of Christmas. That a child was born who would become a great teacher and leader of men with gospel of peace and love. Clearly these two got the message.

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@Spudman - Walmart and Target had Christmas things up BEFORE Halloween. Isetan also had Christmas decorations up before that.

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shinhiyata, what does christianity has to do with Jesus and his teachings....? You do know that Christianity was developed by Romans I hope... ?

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Sweet. i want a Christmas kiss.

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An inflatable Mickey Mouse head pretty much sums up Christmas for me.

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I think Japanese people get ready for Christmas when finish Halloween. Maybe it is early compare with other countries. They are so romantic and cute. But if I were them I could not do that. There are a lot of people. I am shy. I hope they enjoy Christmas together.

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They are so cute! But I can't like this with my boyfriend because I’m very shy. Japanese people like to ready fast for every events, especially in Tokyo. I live in Okinawa, a part of Japan. There is no snow in Okinawa, so I don’t feel that Christmas is near. I want to feel Christmas like them.

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Nothing happened unless it was captured on a cellphone camera. Sad

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Ahhhh Christmas...a time for romance, KFC, and cake. rolls eyes bah humbug!

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Nothing happened unless it was captured on a cellphone camera. Sad

Interesting take on their moment. They probably uploaded it to social media for their friends etc to see.

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Ahhhh Christmas...a time for romance, KFC, and cake. rolls eyes bah humbug!

Dont forget the beaujolais! Cant have xmas without that. cough.

cant wait to watch home alone 1 and 2 again.

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hoserfella: Nothing happened unless it was captured on a cellphone camera. Sad

Haha...true, very true. It cheapens the whole scene, doesn't it? Would they even have kissed each other if they didn't have their camera handy? Nothing like a staged, manufactured moment to show all your casual acquaintances how happy and fulfilled your life is. "Wait wait, don't kiss me yet! I have to delete some old photos to make room in my memory...OK, now, kiss me! Nono, that was no good - my hair was in the way. Do it again. OK, that one was better. Now let's share it on the internet." How romantic!

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such a heartwarming picture! It's good to see that there are some people in this country who actually not ashamed of kissing/displaying affection in public!

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Nice photo!

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Great picture... Wait a minute, that's my girlfriend this guy's kissing!!!!

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Wonderful photo... Love how the kissing couple just draw your eyes away from the tree. Great to see that.

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It looks like little children kissing each other!

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Cute. Hope they are happy.

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Christmas gets me in the mood, too ;)

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Where is the embrace? That is just like a hello or I am off to work kiss.

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I think it's not very early to decorate for Christmas. In the Philippines, we start from September. :)

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Is she taking a picture? Lol.

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