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Christmas kiss


A couple kisses in front of a stock quotation board outside a brokerage in Tokyo on Wednesday night.

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Romance or celebrating the Nikkei above 16,000 (and their heads)?

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You are my life. Without you I'm nothing. With you I'm something. Together we're everything. I won't let go cause you know we are made for each other. I'm waiting for a real kiss. Your lips can seal the moment. Your lips can make me yours forever.

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Kind of telling, isn't it? While the photo itself is quite cute, it's more a statement of how commercial Christmas is here. Christmas Day and the Nikkei is still rolling, and everyone still goes to work.

Anyway, hope the couple had a nice night.

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It's not a Christmas kiss unless you brought a bucket of KFC! You did bring the KFC?! What? No KFC?!?... NO KISS FOR YOU!!!

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That's the most interest you'll get off an investment these days!

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a kiss is always sweet even in front of nikkei!

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How do you know it's a kiss, and he's not doing a Pittsburgh Smuggler?

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All hotels and love hotels are very busy during Christmas every year. Christmas seems to be sex time everywhere in Japan, verdad?

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Santa comes only once a year ; )

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Money makes the world go round.

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What an amazingly boring picture. No faces, no passion, no emotions. No actual kissing taking place. In a way, this picture perfectly describes Japan.

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How romantic their predicament ! Knox Harrington said it another way, his post is perfect.

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Knox, do you not think you've over thought that? It's two people grabbing a quick kiss in 2013, not two people relieved at the end of a bloody conflict. All I can see in the photo is a nice thing.

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Together they must be winning something. Merry Christmas.

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it's more a statement of how commercial Christmas is here. Christmas Day and the Nikkei is still rolling, and everyone still goes to work.

Not so much a statement of how commercial Christmas is in Japan, but more of a statement that Christianity isn't one of their major religions. If you want to see commerce in Christmas, look no further than most western countries, where we buy gifts, cards, and trees. Retailers make their whole year during the Christmas season. I don't think the same can be said for Japanese retailers.

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God so many cynics. I think it's a beautiful photo... two lovers about to share a kiss in front of the cold reality of the modern world. Enjoy yourselves kids... stick two fingers up at the cynics and enjoy a kiss.

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No finance....No romance

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...wish it was me...

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