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Clam crowder


People dig for clams at a beach in Yokohama on Saturday.

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No doubt, this is some of the "harmony with nature" I'm always hearing about. Like the ant-like processions up Fuji-san, with tons of garbage left in their wake, or hanami parties along concreted rivers. Shizen is wonderful

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They must have missed a few in previous years, but I'm sure they will get them all this year. They'll have to find a new beach to pillage next year.

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I would die of claustrophobia in a crowd like that ! (Luckily, it seems they don't expect too many foreigners to join them).

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If you were a clam, this would be a photo of the Apocalypse.

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It seems that all clams would be exterminated on that beach soon and they all would move to another after.

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Vegetarian, but I were to eat clams, I'd just buy the d*mn stuff in the supermarkets.

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typo: but I were - but if I were

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A quiet weekend at the beach, sort of.

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Wow! People are crammed in like sardines. But I hate crowds. It's not my cup of tea.

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If you saw a aerial view you would have a different perspective. It,s looks uncomfortable and the caption is misleading. Actually it is quite the opposite, family give each others plenty room and great feeling of community. The people of Yokohama have being having this annual clam dig for millennium. The people of Yokohama can only gain access to this area during the years lowest tides. No machicial method can be use only a pan and hand shovel. The spat take about a year to grow, so if not remove should restock for the following year.

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small size picture.. still not improving eh

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You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it.

Looking more like Human Chowder to me.

Did they camp out to do this?

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What is the clam limit per person?

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japan beaches are usually seeded with clams before the digs. they have these events all over japan. there is no limit. the clams are very small. 100 yen size maybe up to 500 yen size. called asari clams.

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Ahh, if they're asari then I can more easily understand why such a free for all is allowed.

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