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Clam diggers


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Sure that isn't a euphemism? Sure sounds like one.

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I used to forage with my Father and Mother for razor/clams cockles etc, weekends English coasts as a child

Fond memories, life was so simple,

I wish I could relive such wonderful memories.

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I've done it in Japan, but there were always crowds of people during season. This is central Tokyo, so this beach must have slim pickings for no-one to be there.

Some of them, bakagai I think, have to be boiled twice and deshelled just to get rid of the sand. Its great getting them for free, but much more work than asari or hamaguri from the supermarket.

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Need to rinsed/washed thoroughly, cooking razor clams timing is imperative, or you will be chewing on rubber bands.

Great clam recipe from a master .....

The Perfect Stir Fry Clams by Masterchef • Taste Show


Problem he make it all look so easy.

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Our local beach is very popular for clam hunters. But some years they are declared toxic and uneditable.


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I buy all my seafood from a local fishmongers, more to support our community traders/shops.

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"Clam diggers"... that sound kind of kinky play....

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Clam Digger was my nickname in highschool

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Different meaning where I come from

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