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Clam seekers


Beachgoers dig for clams at Marine Park in Yokohama on Saturday. Hundreds of people come to this one-kilometer-long beach to catch little neck clams when the tide is out.

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Man at far left suffering back strain. Freak shellfish picking injury.

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This is right next to Hakkejima Sea Paradise amusement park, Just take the Seaside line from Shin-Suguita. I've been there and watched people doing this, it seems very popular. Not sure I'd want to eat anything from Yokohama bay though, and it seems like a lot of effort for a bucket of tiny clams.

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Could be a good pick-me-up. It always feels good to physically work for something and get results right after.

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It's probably more for the "family fun" or cultural tradition aspect. The "take" is limited, but there's zero enforcement, and I've witnessed people taking way more than "allowed".

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@ Sabrage


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No wonder so many people eat at Macdonalds here if they don't have a problem eating these toxic morsels.

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