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Police drag a drunk man to the koban in Shibuya on Saturday morning.

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This man is protesting sobriety...Fight the Power, dude!

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Why not take him to a detox facility?

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These cops totally need more training.

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At least the j-cops are good for something.

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Probably not a good idea to grab him by the shirts, but ok.

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Training might help...an Ambulance too. A barbaric way to solve the issue.

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Maybe the jcop on the left needs technique training, but I'm sure they have the back-door of the koban locked since that memo went around a few weeks ago. They'll be fine.

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They are dragging the man pants off of him, goodness there are ladies present.

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Drunks may not remember what they did while drunk, but they are certainly aware of what they're doing while drunk. You never hear of drunk groping a guy's behind, do you?

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The gal in the back ground on the left w/the stripped dress is a welcome addition to the pix.

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I've seen drunk guys move other drunk guys better then that...............

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Those cops need a shopping cart!

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They're dragging him as though they're gonna take him to the slaughterhouse.

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Good on them! Now go back and get the other drunken louts sleeping it off in the park.

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I wouldn't have gone with a checked shirt AND checked shorts. What on earth was he thinking when he got dressed......?

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Looks like the dude is wearing his pajama's!!!

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just another statistic of the hundreds of thousands who will never realize they are alcoholics as there is no such thing in Japan. Just "people who like to drink".

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Dragging him to a koban where they will...................?

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So, if you've been drinking enough to smell of alcohol and have a stroke, diabetic coma or any other debilitating medical condition, you can look forward to this. Haven't these people ever heard of ems and stretchers?

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Those thighs are massive

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The man later left the koban via the unlocked back door.

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Dragging him by the shirt is bang out of order, especially when he's too drunk to protest or tell the cops it hurts, or he can't breath. Dangerous and stupid.

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Go directly to jail! Do not pass go, do not collect $200!

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had two cops stop me a few years ago one fat and a short skinny one (reminded me of laurel & hardy) as soon as the short one saw me he quickly went back to his fat buddy who then came up to me and gave me the big man grilling about going too fast in Japanese, all the while im smiling saying "sorry I dont understand, do you speak english" they looked at each other puzzled then the short one said "speed down, safety driving, ok ok" I replied "yes ok im sorry" all in English, they then got back in there car with a little chuckle probably thinking what a silly gaijin doesnt even understand us, I got in my car, laughing thinking whos the silly one just fooled you guys I understood every word you said, no ticket was issued. moral of the story is if you get stopped by the J cops for a minor offence you dont understand a word of Japanese, 4/5 times youll be put in the too hard basket and let go!

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The idiot j-stone dragging the guy by the collar is restricting his breathing and potentially killing him! Do the s..t for brains receive NO TRAINING on dealing with unconscious persons? It wouldn't take much effort to get him upright in a two-person carry and they'd get back to the Koban much faster! Pathetic excuse for cops!

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I am surprised at the attack on the cops here by some people. You call what they are doing dangerous? What the heck do you think being drunk off your butt is? That is more dangerous than anything. I am sure they don't want to pick him up and get to give up the ramen that he had last night on them? I wouldn't want to pick this idiot up either? He is not being harmed here. Give me a break.

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The idiot is the guy being dragged by the collar, like he should be. What kind of idiot drinks that much?

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That looks like a teacher I once worked with.

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A brain tumor can make you act like you are drunk, a minor stroke can make you act like you are drunk. If you can not walk you should not be dragged by the collar he should be carried under the arm pits or on a stretcher. Who diagnosed him as just being drunk?

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Keeping the streets clean is the best thing to do.

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Difficult to know from only a photo what this situation is, but one might guess that there was a pervading stench of liquor coming off this guy and it might also be the case that he is well-known to these cops.

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Ten thumps up for Pamelot. This photo is similar to the Monopoly Chance card that sends you directly to jail...haha

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one might guess that there was a pervading stench of liquor coming off this guy

You mean like if he had one cup of sake, had a minor stroke while drinking it, and spilled half of it on his shirt, tried to go home and collapsed in the park? Okay, probably not the case but, if there is a chance, should he be treated like this?

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its true some cops are arrogant,i find this pic.unlawful..

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The shirt collar drag is inexcusable if this is just a passed out drunk as the photo suggests.

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what a person does is another matter but after all a human being is a human being and human dignity should be prevail.

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Techall makes a good point. I was walking once just outside of Shinjuku station on a Friday evening and saw a young woman fall down in what was clearly an epileptic seizure. I knew there was a koban nearby, so I ran to it and said a woman just fell down. The cop on duty just said "she is just drunk" and went back to what he was doing. I said, no, no, she has a problem with her brain. (I didn't know the Japanese word for epilepsy at the time). I started to run back to the scene, assuming the cop was behind me, only to turn around and find he wasn't. I went back and after several minutes of trying to convince him, I finally got him to slowly walk to the scene, where he still thought the woman was just drunk.

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Whenever I see JPs doing anything, I always put it to circus music in my head.

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Yeah, so many people have epileptic seizures in Tokyo dressed like that. Yeah, right? Come on, people. I am ready for your thumbs down, but it is still true. I used to see so many so-called "epileptic seizure" in Tokyo. They usually happen after existing the pub. Seriously, I feel sorry for those people who actually have "epileptic seizures" but 99.9% of the time the "seizures" are induced by guys like this in the parks or in the alleys who appear to be homeless or close to that having way too many cheap Ozeki Cups. Let's call it what it is. It is most likely not a epileptic seizure. Stop just looking for a reason to attack the generally bumbling J-cops for getting a drunk off the road. Most likely it is exactly that. A drunk!!!

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I hope the drunk has to pay a fine for making the cops do this.

And nice legs on the left!

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I feel sorry for Tanaka san, what is wrong is with drunk and taking a nap in the middle of Tokyo??

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with what the police are doing in this picture. This is merely the first leg of this jokers long journey home. I just feel bad for the cops having to "drag" this guys butt through town because he was too dumb to know that he had too much to drink.

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when the guy awakes, he will wonder why his behind hurts

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