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An unidentified man, who calls himself Mangetsu-man (Mr Full Moon), cleans Nihonbashi bridge in Tokyo, with volunteers on Tuesday. While most superheroes fight crime, for one such Japanese hero the enemy is garbage and his "super" weapons are a broom, a dust pan and an army of volunteers who have joined his mission. Calling himself Mangetsu-man, he first appeared on the streets of Tokyo last year without any publicity or fanfare and mainly cleans around the city's Nihonbashi bridge. Mangetsu-man is one among many who are petitioning for the government to get rid of the overhead highway and clean it up ahead of the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2020.

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Domoarigatou Mr. Mangetsu-man ! Another may join your cause to help clean up Washington State.

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If you ask him for a 'meishi' he'll get you to open a small container on his belt (he can't open it because of his big gloves!) and he may also give you some candy. He is often on the bridge at night, too.

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Given the name, I hope he's not a werewolf in a macot's clothing.

Cool thing he's doing. And his helpers.

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Good for him, I just hope it's good will and not some talento trying to get self promotion who later will say it was them, along the same lines all talento's totally missed the point of the ice bucket challenge

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Mangetsu man can you ask for trashcans in the city and not only at the conbini's?

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Mangetsu-man, today: clearing out the trash below, tomorrow: clearing out the ugly C1 expressway above?

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Why are there no people in the background? Did he "clean" them all?

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