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Workers spray the roof of a radiation-contaminated warehouse in Fukushima. A massive cleanup has begun in towns contaminated by radiation leaks from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

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what's inside this warehouse?

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Where's that water going?

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Moving the radiation. Now everyone is safe.

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fools on a fools errand. exactly - whats in there, where is all that contaminated water going and about a hundred other questions.

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@some14some and Gurukun,

Those are uncomfortable questions, and they have decided not to think about it. Just like people decided not to think about the uncomfortable questions surrounding the safety of NPPs.

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A massive cleanup has begun

...as has a massive spreading in those same towns? Looking at that picture, I don't see how this could possibly work... it's just moving the stuff next to where it was or down the drain. As much as I wish all these efforts would pay off, I think it's just a wish.

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From the roof to the ground. From the ground to your shoes. From your shoes to the inside of your house/office.

Radioactive material cannot be cleaned up.

It has to be removed!

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Now the radiation is on the ground, which will have to be shoveled up and put... In a big pile somewhere, probably nearby. Or the water with its radiation has now seeped into the drainage system and out into the ocean where the fish will scoop it up and eventually end up at our local kaizen sushi-ya.

How did the Russians handle Chernobyl: water, shovels, or abandonment? Which is cheaper (our tax money)?

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Ahh yes... "the cleanup"... because water gets rid of all radiation

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This is the same as what they want to do with the debris from the tsunami, Spread it around.

This is not clean up this is spread it out.

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Just pushing it somewhere else. Nice.

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Useless. It may have worked just after the fallout, but they say the radiation has already sinked in, so trying to wash it away after all this time is really useless.

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zichi, thats some crazy info! Just thinking that each house cleaned? is worth 1 million yen to a comapny for spraying down with a pressure washer. Then I wonder how much the company will charge to clean where ever the water went? Then the will probably pressure wash that are too and charge again for where ever that water went. That's crazzzzzzzy!

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Why are they doing this. It is a waste of time. You cannot clean radiation. It is a pointless task... What do they do with the water (nothing, it's all just a show).

Here's why they are doing it:

MONEY. Nothing else. The J-Gov has a HUGE vested interested in paying astronomical amounts over the coming years to it's 'Preferred' contractors. In doing so, cash, jobs or other 'ahem' favors will be returned to the selfish politicians. They will make vast sums of money out of this and reinforce their cosy 'amakudari' jobs when they retire.

As for the general public, well... The government had demonstrated on numerous occasions it does not care about the public, unless of course it can make huge 'indirect' profits out of it...

The time for leaving this cancer infected country is here... After 12 years I see nothing in the future worthwhile about staying here any longer. (cancer = lies, cover-ups, corruption, selfishness and totally inept government run by useless OLD morons)...

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I have tried to understand this, but no matter how I look at it it just seems like gross & utter stupidity.

And I feel my wallet getting lighter as more water spreads the radiation into the ground below WTF!

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I tried to zoom in on their faces. Does not look like real masks, but rather towels.

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Come on, people, what do you expect?

Somebody is performing a visible ceremony here, to which we must all nod sagely and suspend disbelief. Who cares if there is not a whit of science to their actions? The rituals must be performed, and we the taxpayers must keep shelling out and asking no questions.

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Does anybody else have a better idea?

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http://danieldiaztecles.blogspot.com/They work to remove radioactivity. You have to do after what happened and this work is not objectionable.

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Does anybody else have a better idea?

Pack up your old kit bag and hike on out of there. Wait 50+ years and you can slip back in.

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Thanks for the thumbs-downs, folks. Just goes to show how , every time here, performing a ritual trumps actually tackling an issue.

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