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Popular TV program MC Hideyuki Nakayama poses with pop group Idoling!!! during a promotional event for Nestle's new canned coffee drink Nescafe Komi-baisen. The company launched the product on Monday at Cafe Nescafe in Harajuku.

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The girls are sweet and cute, but Nescafe is junk. Stay away from that swill.

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Got to start my own group and make millions!

Go to the breach here in Okinawa and say you, you and you. I'm making a group call NTBB and I will make you famous.

After the squeals die down, work will begin.

BTW, NTBB (No Talent Beach Babes) will look better that this bunch.

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Will every young woman in Japan be part of a pop group someday?

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Individually, I don't find any of these girls particularly attractive. However, as a group, they make for one nice fantasy.

I guess this is a good example of a case where the whole is worth more than the sum of its parts.

Nice pic JT.

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If the ladies are all wearing the same white, long-sleeve t-shirts and white sneakers, then why aren't they wearing the same coordinated shorts?

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As a resident defender of JPop and AKB48,I must also defend Idoling.These girls are great,and have in the past teamed up with AKB48.I am proud to direct you towards a JPop classic .But if you are allergic to cute or kawaii maybe this is not for you.In that case just stick to the canned Komi-baisen


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These girls seem a bit on the chubby side. Are they part timers in rice paddies?

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

No a bad gig Nakayama! As for the coffee, I prefer UCC.

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paulinusa - I think that is the aim. Meanwhile let's enjoy Idolling together with coffee... in English!

Okinawamike - Go to the "breach" was a nice Freudian slip there ;)

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JapanGal; this is what Japanese girls legs look like when you take away all the expensive skirts and high-heels. Work in any high school for more than a week and you will realise this.

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For some unknown, mysterious reason to me only Nescafe made in Indonesia tastes good.

-2 ( +0 / -2 )

I thought it was a high school photo.

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Lovely pic, full of smiles,I just hope the product lives up to its portrayal

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Japangal: I was thinking it was nice that they don't look like shapeless bags of bones as too many girls here do. Thighs should be bigger than calves. Maybe someone should tell people on TV that, instead of perpetuating the unhealthy skinny image like so many celebrities do.

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I bet these girls hardly make any money. Probably just happy to be in the spotlight.

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Not a single looker among them. Take a trip to New York and see the Asian gals there - it'll amplify the immaturity of J-gals like these.

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wow! see leg rather canned coffee drink. Power of advertising is girl

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shake it and shill it. every girl's dream

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OoOOOOOOoooOoo......how interesting....lol...never gonna drink that stuff anyway. Never liked it in the first place. But man, Japan needs to have less huge groups like this! It's getting too cliche and it's getting boring and you can never keep track of who's who because they eventually start looking alike!!

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Just because Girls Generation looks good in short shorts, it doesn't mean you do

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You lot are so harsh, i can see one who looks quite nice in that photo.

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Ouch, I guess some of you young men would not like my looks. :-(

-2 ( +2 / -4 )

...at least 20 cans of this cr@p saw the light of day. It will be gone from stores and vending machines within a week - less if this is the best publicity they can garner!

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JapanGal, its about the above pic not ur pic..... u r good too...

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JapanGal; this is what Japanese girls legs look like when you take away all the skirts and high-heels. Work in any high school for more than a week and you will realise this.

YOU Cant do that if you are working at the high school!!! What????

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"Nescafe is junk"

Ha ha that must be why Nescafe has about 20% of the world coffee market.

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