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Why not get a nice ecological and economical cardboard/plywood/wicker coffin , you say?

When looking at coffins in the UK, costs for the eco coffins are as much as, if not more expensive than, the traditional ones. Taking full advantage, aren't they, these sodding funeral companies.

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Seriously? You are dead and 99% of people in Japan are cremated, why would you need to try it out?

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Weddings and funerals cost an arm and a leg in Japan, it's all a big scam prying on people's emotions.

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At a glance I thought it was a new capsule hotel that the Japanese are so proud of.

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Weddings and funerals cost too much the world over. But you can still be frugal and have a nice event. Unless you're guest of honor at a funeral. Then it won't matter much.

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You're dead, then toasted, don't think comefort is a high priority. Father in law died and the funeral home was offering foods (highly priced ) to be placed in the box? Are you kidding me. An old fridge box will do me thankyou, and some socks and underpants just in case my ethereal sprit needs undergarments.

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big business this, not gonna play along though.. already got in my will that i dont want any ceremony or coffin or any other traditional stuff, quick high degree burn and spread over nearest ocean ( train money provided )

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When my wife died I got the bill from the funeral home and he gave me a break down of the bill, flower x amount and so on, but what made my eyes open was £400 ( 58000yen ) "for collection of deceased from the hospital" baring in mind the hospital is only 7 mile ( 11 klm ) from the funeral home, that £400 to travel 14 miles in a van, 1 hour, with a member of staff. needless to say I asked him was this a typo? sorry what I actually said was he taking the ****? then he tried to justify the cost, but he failed miserably as I ripped into him with my running costs from my business!! I know that there are thing that we can't do and we have to call Upon specialists to help out ie electricians, gas fitters, solicitors etc, I would have been happy to collect my late wife my self in the pick up for that sort of money! I may come across as a tight arse, but still to this day I don't get the concept of £400 for a collection fee.

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That does sound like too much for a collection. But that said, and apologies as it's your wife you are talking about so probably a sensitive subject, but it can't be that easy to find people who are willing to pick up and drive around with dead bodies.

I may be talking crap though, having never had anything to do with the funeral business.

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I had an unexpected expense at my father in law's funeral; my wife demanded that I give her a clean 10,000 Yen note to fold and put in his pocket just before the cremation "in case he needs some money when he gets to the other side".

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If anyone here is worried about funeral expenses, simply arrange your own before you die. It is done. And you have a much better bargaining position while you still have a pulse and can threaten to go to the rival funeral parlor down the street. Write down you wish to have the cheapest possible send-off.

Otherwise, your survivors won't have much choice, and this is what the funeral parlors take advantage of. You can't slap your loved one in overpriced packing crate. People will think you are skimping, and trying to save all your inheritance for a summer home in Europe. The immediate aftermath of a family member's death is the worst possible time to be bargaining - they have you over a barrel.

So, make a video or whatever, saying you want a burlap sack and no frills, and that you would prefer your family could afford that summer home after all. Throw in a few jokes, you'll have a captive audience at the funeral when they show it.

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Funeral costs are very high. My late wife's services and cremation were over $7000.00 dollars for a simple ceremony. Too much $ $ and the funeral homes are preying on people that are not emotionally stable when making these final life end decisions.

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I always thought a mini Viking funeral would be the best way for me. I can even build my own boat, but I'll have to teach the wife to shoot. Probably not legal...pfff.

Good flick on this too

Rocket Gibraltar with Burt Lancaster (1988).

spoiler alert

Aging writer Levi Rockwell (Burt Lancaster) is dying, but his large family doesn't know it as he invites them to his big beach house in the Hamptons. And after they arrive, Levi sticks close to his many grandchildren, especially Cy Blue Black (Macaulay Culkin). The youngsters are much less afraid of talking about mortality than their parents are, so Levi reveals his last wish is to have an impressive Viking funeral. The kids aim to make it a reality as Levi tries to get closer with his own kids.

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My Pops in Florida is getting up in years and I asked him where he wanted to be buried but as he was the youngest sibling always spoiled I think he cannot accept it and answer seriously and just says "throw me in the river!" So I says, "in your clothes or nude?" We got alligators that will take care of business...

@commanteer: "burlap sack", that is funny,,,

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