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Cold run


Bathers run outside Teppozu Inari Shinto Shrine before dipping into a tub of cold water with blocks of ice during a winter ritual at the shrine in Tokyo on Sunday. More than 100 people gathered for the mid-winter event to pray for a healthy new year.

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Those nappies are fundoshi ie traditional underwear. Quiet comfy actually.

Holding an cold endurance festival in summer, I miss something here. New year dipping into cold rivers /seas is also widespread overseas.

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I thought the Japanese people are basically not religious (無宗教) but I see this is not true. Still Japan is a very religious nation.

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Did something similar years ago up in the north of Honshu. In our case, however, it was a slow-moving procession down the streets of Morioka. I seem to remember that I lost all feeling in the extremities after about 5 minutes. The bath afterwards was great. Looking back, I suppose the sense of euphoria and fatigue were initial symptoms of hypothermia. Once was enough, thank you very much.

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Ice cold water causes major shrinkage.

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It would be more sensible to hold these pants matsuris in summer, rather than risking pneumonia.

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I like those nappy-like pants.

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Maybe you mean "It's more than I can bare" LOL

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It is more than I can bear!

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It's cold enough without being naked in a pool of ice water. I hope they had an ambulance standing by in case...

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I think most of these guys should pray for nicer bodies and less man-boobage. That would be "healthy" There's one near the back with a nice body though.

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These guys look really "cool" or just COLD??

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