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Cherry blossoms bloom along the river in Nakameguro, Tokyo, which is a popular viewing spot for "hanami."

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Nakameguro again? Hey JT, not to whine but how about a nice sakura photo NOT in Tokyo? Shouldn't be hard. Im sure you have readers in other parts of Japan that would be willing to supply some nice sakura photos.

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Please send us some. We welcome contributions from readers.

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They would have IF the sakura was in full bloom elsewhere. But Tokyo is still the only city AFAIK and I'm in the middle of Kamakura as I type this.

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Nice one Zichi!

Hope other users will follow your lead.

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When I used live in Tokyo, I would often go to Ueno park to see the cherry blossoms. But I've never seen the cherry trees in Nakameguro. And yet, given this photo, yes, very graceful and beautiful.

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I watched a really beautiful one get chopped down last weekend so they could make another asphalt parking lot. At least it was not lined with cement like this photo of another controlled river.

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Reminds me of the Sakura Tunnel along the Sanagawa River in Toyokawa, Aichi-ken.

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There's a foreign beetle imported with timber from places around SE Asia chichis attacking the cherry trees.

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