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A dog is left outside a store in Tokyo while his master does some shopping.

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Some pets are better taken care of than kids...

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Let's wait for PETA members to scream "Animal Abuse" .

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As long as the animal is not in distress i guess this is fine. The thing that concerns me is when i see little dogs dressed up and carried around as accessories.

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Not comfy at all, this is animal abuse. If these clowns want a baby why don´t they make one, instead of getting a dog as substitute.

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It's a bloody dog. Make it walk!

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Doting love!?

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which is the master?

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No need to wonder why the population in Japan is on the decrease eh?

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My "pet peeve" is when Ill go out of my way to let someone pass in a tight spot on the street, etc with one of these, thinking that they have a cute little munchkin in there and then Ill see that it is a dog going for a "walk". The only time it might make sense is taking the pooch on the train, otherwise, you aren`t doing Fido a favor by letting it sit. Dogs need exercise and this attitude of parading them around in a stroller is quite bizarre.

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The best was when I was in Yoyogi Park and I saw a couple walking a double pram and I thought "Awww" - upon catching a glance it was two bulldogs LOL! As a dog owner - dogs are meant to, you know, WALK!

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100% agree with Meguroman. The sidewalks of Tokyo are narrow and crowded enough as it is (esp shotengai which usally don't have sidewalks) without these "dog" owners using baby buggies or whatever they are to take their mini dogs for "a walk". This dog is barely bigger than a cat but somehow it ends up taking up as more space than a human. Maybe I should I put wheels on a massage chair and get someone to push me around!

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This picture reminds so much of what I love about Japan the safety. If this were LA or some other American city, the dog (or the stroller, considering that doesn't look like the cheapest stroller ever) would get stolen. I can imagine people stopping by and commenting "kawaii" but then just carry on with their lives and walk away. That is why I love Japanese people. That is a reason why I love Japan.

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I have a friend who bring their dogs for a aromatherapy in a high end pet shop at Roppongi Hills. She says the dogs are stressed by living in a 200m2 pent house at Atago Green Hills. 4000 yen for 30 minutes therapy, some people have no sense for god sake!

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Cruelty to animals should not be tolerated. It may look cute to the casual observer, but why is this type of behavior by "loving" humans tolerated by passer-bys? Put a child in the dog's place. Nobody pays attention? What a sad, sad, picture.

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My mil has one of those buggies (not as high-end as the one in the picture) for her dog. The dog developed problems in her joints as she grew older, and tries to avoid walking. Mil puts her in the buggy, pushes it and the dog a fair distance, then lifts the dog out. Doggie wants to go home, and will walk in that direction.

Also the buggy gives the old lady something to hold on to since her legs aren't what they used to be, either. Beneficial for them both.

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