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Comic Con opens


Women dressed in costumes pose for a photograph at Tokyo Comic Con at Makuhari Messe in Chiba on Friday.

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While I don't do it myself, I appreciate the dedication these people have to doing what they love. Its also a great way to relieve stress in a healthy way. You can just step out and be someone or something else in a positive and harmless way. Its great.

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If they knew what the word "con" means in French...

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Unexpectedly erotic

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Yeah. There's definitely that too.

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Unexpectedly erotic

Other than this I have never had much interest on the whole adult make-believe, dress up thing.

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Did they have to check if the female characters were actually not males dressed as females because of the JP comic con rules?

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gogogo: because of the JP comic con rules?

What are the "JP comic con rules"?

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Other than this I have never had much interest on the whole adult make-believe, dress up thing

Me neither, but those slits go all the way up don't they

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Totally agree. Seeing people dedicated to something they like and working hard at it is great!


A lot of cons here have gender division rules that state only men can play male characters and women play female characters. I don't know why since I was never into this hobby....dressing room problems maybe? I know those rules caused problems for some fandoms like Touhou (because 99% of the characters are female, so if you're a male fan you have to crossdress).

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@turbotsat males can't dress as female characters

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@ChaosWyvern @gogogo

Thanks. How're they going to know, though? Sometimes you can tell, sometimes it's hard.

Anyway, appears they may have reversed the policy. Unless they reversed it again, or rn24 got it wrong in October.


Tokyo Comic-Con reverses policy, will allow male cosplayers to dress as female characters - Oct 28, 2016

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