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A policeman waters a koban in Tokyo as temperatures soared on Tuesday.

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Waste of water. Put a few shrubs outside and keep them watered. Watering the sidewalks and roads is moronic when all around it is steel and cement.

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Pls no quick afternoon nap thereafter.

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He is watering the koban? Is he expecting it to grow?

Putting water onto concrete outside shops only increases the relative humidity making it even more uncomfortable. I think his time would be better spent hassling cyclists about not wearing helmets. Get a real job!!!

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There will be a lot of negative comments on here, but for some practical criticism, these cops seem awfully old. I don't feel very confident knowing guys this age are protecting me.

uchimizu is one of the stupidest practices in Japan for sure.

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These guys remind me of the parking lot attendants that always seem to have a knack for pointing out the obvious. However, this guy appears to be brushing crap away and based on the 'dirty water' to the left is doing some cleaning so cut the poor old guy a break. He could have just stayed indoors enjoying the relative cooling of the limited AC and caught 40 winks.

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Uchimizu is more of a psychological effect.

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back in the day, people, particularly shop keepers would spray, or splash water on the road. Generally to reduce the dust from coming inside, as the usually earth, dirt roads becomes trampled and dry.. so as to prevent a gust of wind blowing the dust into the house/shop.. wetting the ground, reduces this from occuring..

I never knew.. that doing this on a concrete pavement would have the same effect. In an conformist, authoritarian state such as our own.. its no wonder shop keepers do this too.. if the police do it... might as well. Even its a utter waste of water.. nuclear powerplants need water to keep coool you know ! ... which in turn powers that AC.. well used to anyway.. although it no longer produces electricity.. it still needs that water to keeep cool !.. lol

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Why spend potable water for nothing?

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I don't think he's just watering the ground. He's holding a scrubbing brush; he's cleaning something, or he's about to.

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There's probably something on the ground just outside of the camera's view.

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A sight to terrify all would-be ne'erdowells: a cop armed with a garden hose and a scrubbing brush. That'll get rid of those noisy bosozokus!

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Kawaii ne..!

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They look awfully busy!!!! Hey lets water the pavement, nothing else to do!!!

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That big ol' broom behind the man spraying the water is fit for a witch to fly on!

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He's cleaning the sidewalk. Brush in hand. Bad caption.

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After mizumaki (not uchimizu - he is not hitting anything with water - uchimizu is inside water or attack with water) water evapolate, and places get cool. Looks like he is cleaning floor.

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Agreed. He's cleaning the sidewalk with brush in-hand. The water isn't hitting the koban at all.

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How old are those two officers? I can't imagine them racing to the rescue of someone attacked down the road.

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If they had planted a tree some 5 years ago, they'd have a nice shadow by now, with lower temperatures inside their koban and would help environment. But guess what? It's never too late. Do it now.

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at least they have a friendly face doing it ! ! ! Instead of an angry get out of my face facial expression

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In some countries, taking photos of police going about their jobs is an offense...though in this case, they are not exactly doing their job!

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