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Waitresses dressed in maid costumes sprinkle water on the sidewalk during a summer event at Tokyo's Akihabara district, on Saturday. The practice is known as "uchimizu."

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Almost correct, the Girl second from the left with the long Green hair (Two Tails style) is NOT a waitress but a Hatsune Miku character. But that is a fun picture for sure. thanks.

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I can hear the little-girl voices calling out right now... and those of the maids. The otaku must have loved this... out there with their smartphones and cameras.

I like Akihabara, and the maids are bright and colourful... but it's amazing how many people just blank them when they're handing out paper hankies or flyers.

Nice happy photo ^_^

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Sprinkle? Looks like they are throwing the whole bucket at once.

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fresh water is a limited resource in south Africa. do not throw it away. you can save a lot of children with a bucket of fresh water.

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Good post, calr751. There's lots of work ahead.

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The annual waste water day lives on!

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fresh water is a limited resource in south Africa.

It's far from being so in Japan.

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