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Cormorant fishing


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Korea and Japan may have adapted cormorant fishing from China but we know the Egyptians and Peruvians predated us all. It was a benefit to all men working with the the help of nature.

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People all across the world have long worked with nature. Peoples of India happily sang to the birds and danced on one side of a river. The birds’ swim and flight would cause a great stir to the water as they dashed to the other side where many fish threw themselves on the land. Drummers with cymbals and gongs on the other side then scattered the birds, leaving much of the larger fish too big to swallow on the shore and shallows where women and children recovered them.

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Zhao Ming -

actually the book of Sui (China’s in-depth history) states the Japanese were using the technique in the 6-7th century. China did not adopt the practice till the 9th century.

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Guy-Gin, your dispute is with Thomas Goodtime for my comment was “may have” been adapted from China while he was more definitively stating it “Originated in China”.

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Not sure of the exact dates and origins of East Asia’s, Mesopotamia’s and Mesoamerica’s cormorant fishing but Europe’s cormorants later became another sport of kings. 

France’s Louis XIII and England’s Charles II had these great birds trained to fish, although in a much different style.

Untethered and trained much in the same manner as falconers did, one cormorant was groomed and trained to fish and return to their huntsman.

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This is pretty cool, I recently bought a nice Aloha shirt with cormorant fishing as the motif/ design & I like fishing so its perfect!

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Lovely night photo of such drama with the fire illuminating the men’s faces and the silhouettes of these wonderful birds hard at work.  

This is the Japan we want to again share with the world.

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That lovely story above of India’s great past is also quite beautiful. There’s a multitude of histories and customs here and shows we can all have similar ideas care for our communities and share this earth. 

Let’s work toward a great peace and abundance for all from now.

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