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Suitably ominous and doomy picture

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They seems to be going into overdrive to sell the Olympics this week regardless of situation with Covid. Medical experts, like those in Osaka pointing to the fourth wave, are being ignored by the govt with empty promises of vaccinations and a safe Olympics. It is a great pic though.

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REUTERS/Issei Kato

You took an amazing pic of Tokyo Sky Tree! Kudos!

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That fog gives a prediction, the pathetic Olympic farce will be canceled !!

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*”Initiate the Beacon! Galactus approaches!“ - Looks like every cinematic, ‘sci-fi’ *climax in the last 20 years. *We need the ‘Silver Surfer’!** (Or, at least, “The Avengers”.*)

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Good picture, regardless of what happens with the Olympics. Good luck. Looks like there won't be many fans in attendance, but we can still watch on TV.

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Great ‘natural effects’. Point taken @J-Dake 4/15 9:25am.

“a Suitably ominous and gloomy picture” -

*Are you implying “an **impending Doom?“ **Could they be using this ‘to summon Cthulhu**?*

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