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A woman dressed as an "oiran," or high-class courtesan, walks in the grounds of Asakusa Sensoji Temple in Tokyo.

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I am very happy to be in Japan, where the culture is so colorful and alive. However, isn't "high-class courtesan" just another way to say "expensive hooker"?

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This picture just brings back good old memories of that lovely song by Deep Purple?? My woman from Tokyo!!!

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It does mean that but they were very artistic too, similar to geisha, and very highly regarded, and nowadays the sexual part has been eliminated.

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Very most excellent and pretty.

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Colorful,interesting and a photo-op for int'l and Japanese tourists.

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Very nice to see historic culture is alive and well in Japan.

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I love the hair artistry, and her bemused yet dignified expression...

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Alive and well? Notice that everyone is standing around taking pictures. This is not something you see everywhere you go. Not that it matters really though. Times change and tbh I find the outfits interesting, but ugly. Prolly gonna get downvoted for that last part.

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Read up on Japanese history. You'll find that certain families (one in particular) supplied "courtesans" to the royal family. And sometimes those courtesans wound up continuing the royal bloodline because it produced no heirs. So, my comment is historically correct, even if you (those who down-voted my comment) don't like it.

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I agree. It seems like a few people here need to brush up their knowledge a bit.

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花魁道中!Always wanted to use those kanji.

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It's great that Japan is able to continue it's old traditions. I wonder how they can be maintained in modern times - how are they supported - through charity?

So, my comment is historically correct, even if you (those who down-voted my comment) don't like it.

sensei258 - don't be concerned about the number of "thumbs down" that you get. Hopefully you are getting people thinking outside of their comfort zone.

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