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I am truly impressed by the innovations that Japan consistently demonstrates to the world. Given the limited land space; the cost of real estate; and the growing number of people in transition, the development of capsule hotels is truly remarkable. I live in Hawaii, and like Japan, we too have limited land space since like Japan, Hawaii is an island chain surrounded by water. And., like Japan, Hawaii also has a high cost of living and a growing number of people who transit from outside of the State of Hawaii, in addition to those who need to have temporary housing. Hawaii also has a growing homeless population. Towards this end, perhaps we in Hawaii need to seek out the wisdom of those who are responsible for the "Capsule Hotel"? Granted, there probably would be legitimate concerns about "privacy" and the ability to keep each resident "safe and secure" which are not really issues in Japan since the Japanese have a different set of cultural values than do most Westerners. However, I feel that having a place to stay is far better than living on the streets.

I have never stayed in a capsule hotel since I stay with my wife's parents in Kumamoto. I am also a large sized man, so to be honest, I am not sure if my large size will fit in the capsule. However, I am willing to try the next time my wife and I are in Tokyo. I am curious to know if the other Prefectures also offer similar capsule hotels?

I would also like to know if any Non-Japanese have ever stayed in a capsule hotel and learn about their experiences.

Thank you so very much.


Mark Kazuo Bradley

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I would also like to know if any Non-Japanese have ever stayed in a capsule hotel and learn about their experiences.

Once was enough for me. Noisy occupants, coughing, hacking, sounds of flatulence etc. The bath part was ok in the particular one I was staying, but for about 1500 more yen I could have had a private room at a low cost business hotel and had privacy and a much more restful sleep (and a breakfast as well)

I will not be repeating that experiment.

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Mark Kazuo BradleyToday 07:44 am JST

In Hawaii, with all that water maybe they could house the homeless in some old mothballed submarines. Keep them out of sight that way and perpetuate the American dream!

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There is only one problem. And, it could be a big one for some people. There is the problem of noise. (And hidden claustrophobia could be another problem.) If you are the kind of person who can sleep anywhere, you will be fine. Otherwise, if you can use earplugs and be fine, that'll work, too. I was in the Army and lived with like 40 guys in a room. I had no problem. Still, friends who said they had a problem, I can understand.

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Hey Mark

The capsule hotels are usually a last resort once the trains stop around midnight or if you had a few too many beers. They're ok but not great, the other posters have accurately discribed the down side.

As for the homeless in Hawaii, that's a complicated challenge for sure but I doubt capsule hotels are the solution.

If you're from Oahu maybe you've heard of (Twinkle) a lady who runs a homeless camp on the West side. They all have to contribute work to live there and no drugs allowed in the camp, if either rule is broken, your kicked out. There system is much better than anything I've seen in Waikiki or Pearl Harbor.

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@Stuart hayward - The capsule hotels are usually a last resort once the trains stop around midnight 

A Karaoke joint is better value. It's only around ¥1,000 from midnight to 6am. It's a tad noisy at first, but it's better than listening to all the capsule occupants coughing and farting all night while you're locked in a fibreglass coffin. You can also get a beer and snacks at karaoke.

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