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Not sure why they say 'rare'. An albino one?

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Not sure why they say 'rare'. An albino one?

maybe because of the size? Its HUGE!

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It is hard for common people like us to know the reason why this skeleton of the Macrochaeira kaempferi species was labelled to be unusual.

Being an albino can be ruled out as skeletons of crustaceans usually cannot retain the pigments when they were alive. The size of this specimen is not a solid reason, as the biggest Japanese crab was reported to reach 3.7 metres from claw to claw and weighed up to 19 kgs.

Unless the auction organisation can justify why the above specimen was considered to be rare in the news, I presume it was just another media sensationalism.

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Well, the value must be somewhere. It's certainly not in the crudely painted plywood board.

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Would make an excellent Halloween prop, or maybe some good eating if it was fresh. Other than that, I fail to see the value.........

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Well, can we eat it ???

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I have just searched the official website of Summers Place Auctions* and realised that the descriptive word "rare" should be understood as "hard to find in this auction place."


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