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Police try to control supporters of Argentine club River Plate as they briefly occupy the scramble crossing at Shibuya after a pre-match party in Tokyo's Yoyogi park on Saturday night. River Plate will play Barcelona in the Club World Cup final on Sunday.

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Soccer fans from overseas , say no more, lucky there were no flares, dart throwing , stabbings and assaults. Why let them come here ??????

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Some of you people seem a bit too severe on the police.

When you visit another country, you should behave yourself and follow police instructions at all times. The news reported that some of these fans robbed a convenience store in Osaka after the match the other night. And there were reports of fights, as well.

I think it's natural for the police to be on the alert and they will be again tonight after the final.

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If they can't handle this now, how are they gonna handle the Olympics

That's 3 weeks in the same city with people from all over different nations

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J police controlling crowds, LOL the WTF do we do looks are priceless

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Disgraceful. It's almost as if they think that just because they've flown thousands of miles to support their team, they're entitled to have a good time on a Saturday night.

I hope, the money we're spending on the Olympics, we can have a poster campaign to educate unruly foreigners in 2020 that they are expected to conduct themselves quietly and joylessly at all times.

And look at those policemen. They're clearly having a hard time comprehending the idea that some folks might not show immediate subservience to their automatic and unquestionable authority.

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What a bunch of degenerate.

It is all fun and games until they start fighting each other in Osaka Dotonbori and robbing convenience stores, stealing beers and sandwiches and hitting workers who tried to stop from robbing the store. So no, they are not funny, just a bunch of degenerate.



Robbing store:


-3 ( +4 / -7 )

It's an outrage: how dare these people smile and laugh in the street. They should adopt glum, downcast expressions like everyone else.

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This all looks very peaceful and good-natured celabration to me.

Here is some video footage of the River Plate supporters.

In Osaka: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1aFH1gAKjDM

In Shibuya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrlSiZDHuhU

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I was at Harajuku Station yesterday, and the lineups to the platform stretched all the way up the stairs and into the concourse. People had to wait a couple of times until trains that weren't completely utterly packed arrived. It seemed that about a third of all the people in Shibuya were Argentinian, which means 100,000 or so?

Makes you wonder what the Olympics will be like. Time to take a foreign holiday, I reckon, since it was hard moving or doing anything there yesterday.

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what? i do not see from the cropped photo nor accompanying byline any rapscallion-ism. it does say they occupied a short time... seems the were within the crosswalk. smiles, no actionable gestures... what drives your opposition? have additional source? just, they should go back to agentina? wow.

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The tournament will be over soon. Very cold for the players tonight. Good luck to both teams. Japan plays in the semifinal.

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"Police try to control supporters of Argentine club River Plate..."

Japanese police probably had to refer to their manuals for this situation.

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So people should be able to do whatever they want, inconveniencing many, and the rest of us just have to "deal with it"?

-3 ( +6 / -9 )

All I see is 2 pictures and people here are having a cow. I've seen much worse like times when cars are burned and stores are looted.

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Either learn how to deal with such argie barge, or pull the shutters down and turn off the lights.

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Then do it in the stadium, or better yet, go back to Argentina

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To them, its fun.

To the rest of us, its bad rep.

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Morons, way to give gaijins a bad name.

-4 ( +7 / -11 )

More like supporters laugh and ignore the little people wandering around

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