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Crowded beach


Shonan Beach in Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, is packed with swimmers on Saturday as the temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius.

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Beach blanket bonkers.

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Wow, do people really jam themselves onto toads to get to a place where the jam themselves onto beaches. Not my idea of a relaxing day off.

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Silly girl. Toad riding is fun.

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Jeez, looks fun.

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@japangirl - I think so too but not when it's crowded with other toads. Really, though, does that look like fun?

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treking to the beach trying to find a carpark then a space on the beach with 50k other people, about as far away from fun and relaxing as can be. ive actually been to a few beaches that were very clean with very few poeple in Japan they are normally way out in the country areas unfortunatley

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That looks really enjoyable......not.

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Well, we can all have our individual opinions on what to do with a day off, but the American girl on the far right of the pic, (the one looking at the camera) seems to be having a good time of it! Bless her!

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I have visited Shonen beach once during the summer and then swore I would never go again. It is far too crowded to do anything other than sit and feel like you are on the morning commute train in Tokyo.

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How on earth can you tell she's American from this picture?

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It sucks in Japan because so many places are crowded like this, some of the last places on earth I would wish to be!.

I will take a cold one on my deck out in north Chiba, sitting with my cats & dog & friends once in a while to the utter non-sense in this pic! Any day of the week year round I just snap my fingers & I am already there! If only Japan more decent lakes rivers to hangout at

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While I do like the eye-candy on beaches such as these, I can't fathom how people would find this a relaxing and fun day off. I always, if going to the beach, go to a spot with friends and BBQ equipment where there are not many people. You can toss a frisbee around, drink a few beers, BBQ, play in the water, etc. In this pic, other main beaches, and popular beaches in South Korea as well it is just too crowded to do anything.

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While Shonan Beach is far from a secluded spot known only to a few, it was not quite as crowded as this picture makes it out to be. I was there today and last Sunday. I had no trouble finding parking, or a spot on the beach. The wave action today and last week is more than I recall seeing there before. While not Oahu North Shore it made for some good body boarding.

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