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A crow rests in the graveyard of a temple near Nippori in Tokyo.

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Good picture! He looks like an obakke crow because of the sunlight reflecting off his feathers.

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We have a nasty gang of crows up here. Very noisy and they constantly poo on my wooden deck. Thanks God it is winter and they have moved south. I wished we could get rid of them. Apparently they are very tasty.

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It's a raven. Crows are smaller and don't have a rounded head.

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It's a crow. There are no ravens in Tokyo, only up in the very north of Hokkaido, and only rarely there too. This bird is a carrion crow. There are 2 species of crow here that are regularly seen, carrion crow (hashibosho garasu) and jungle crow (hashibuto garasu). Jungle crows are the cheeky ones that will rip open the garbage. They have massive beaks. The carrion crows are really cool birds when you spend a bit of time to get to know them. Very very clever animals!

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Crows, hmmm? Should their numbers be controlled? The crows in Tokyo are actually starting to evolve into their own sub-species. They are getting bigger and have adopted nocturnal feeding habits due to timing of the garbage being put out on the streets and the abundance of light in the city.

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admitted a difficult shot but our subject is higher over exposed

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It's an ugly bird on a slab of concrete surrounded by a wood clutter fire hazard.

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The "wood clutter fire hazard" as you call it, are prayers for the ones who died.

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Take thy beak from out my heart, and take thy form from off my door!" Quoth the raven, "Nevermore."

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Japanese crows are tiny.

When I lived in England, the crows that attacked rubbish bags on Saturday mornings wre enormous.

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