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Cruising in Osaka


From left: Director Doug Liman, actor Tom Cruise and producer Erwin Stoff attend a promotional event for the movie "All You Need Is Kill" (released overseas as "Edge of Tomorrow") at the Dotonbori Riverside in Osaka on Thursday morning. Cruise, 51, is attending premieres of the film in Osaka, Fukuoka and Tokyo on Thursday (traveling by chartered jet), and will also hold a press conference in Tokyo on Friday.

The film is based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s extremely popular science fiction novel which took young Japanese readers by storm when it was published in 2004. The novel was later serialized in a weekly magazine as a manga adaptation in 2014. Cruise plays William Cage, who, after dying in a war with alien invaders, wakes up only to be sent back to the same battle over and over again. Each time Cage wakes up and returns to fight the alien aggressors, he becomes a stronger and more capable solider.

"All You Need Is Kill" opens in Japan on July 4.

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This movie's disappointed in the box office.

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Smith I already know it, but it seems that not everyone is open to "artistic license"...

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I saw it here in the states, most fun I had all summer. Don't know if the Japanese trailer shows how funny it is

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I hope it is a good movie but the title seems odd. I would have called it 'Time and Time Again' or something like that.

... or "Groundhog Day - The War Years".

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Edge of Tomorrow opened in third place in the U.S. -- a disappointing $29 million. So it needs a big world-wide take. Hopefully Cruise's popularity in Japan will help it.

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I filled out my IQ assessment but he has not returned it, or made a comment...will never watch this trash now.

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Edge of Tomorrow film is garnering very good Tomato Ratings:


And "Edge of Tomorrow" is also a title of an Isaac Asimov book:


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I've seen the movie and highly recommend it. Think Groundhog Day with an apocalyptic sci-fi twist. Pretty funny as well.

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seen it already online, its actually got a good storyline,

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Daniel: how are any of the examples you mentioned wrong? "All You Need is Kill", while the original manga title, is indeed wrong. "all you need is" must be followed by a noun, and of kill is meant to be a noun you need 'a' before it or kill to be pluralized. I can understand why they used the "Japanese" title for th movie, but not why Japanese refuse to use their own language.

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All you need is to do is skip this movie.

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I hope it is a good movie but the title seems odd. I would have called it 'Time and Time Again' or something like that.

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Why is that if it is a title (for twisted that may be) given by a "native" English speaker is ok... but if it is from a not native English speaker.... is "wrong"?

The man's got a point.

I don't care what it's called. I'm still going to watch it when it hits the theaters.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

Why people criticize the title? OK... it may be that the author has a very poor knowledge of the English Language... but then again, maybe not. The author may have deliberately chosen this tittle "All you need is Kill" to drive attention or to put emphasis in some part of the movie. Isn't that common literary practice?

Give you some examples :

Amerika Carlito's way Days of the Future Past Cloud Atlas Sophie's World Breakfast at Tiffany's Apocalypse Now Road Warrior.....etc., etc.

Why is that if it is a title (for twisted that may be) given by a "native" English speaker is ok... but if it is from a not native English speaker.... is "wrong"?

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"Edge of Tomorrow" is a weird title, too

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“All You Need Is Kill” opens in Japan on July 4.

According to my local theater it starts this sat, Jun 28.

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That is a limited advance release.

It's true that "All You Need is Kill" is the title of the original Japanese novel that the movie is based on. And while that excuses the Japanese film industry decision-makers....what does it say about the Japanese book publishing industry decision-makers??

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awww man I live near there. Why didn't you tell me before he would be there JT?

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Apparently the film is an adaptation of a Japanese novel, which was titled "All You Need Is Kill". I agree it does sound like somebody mangled the translation of a western title, but it's actually faithful to the original source.

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'All you need is kill' is the name if the manga/anime that the movie is based on and was supposed to be the title before the changed it to 'Edge if tomorrow'.

No mistakes here.

4 ( +6 / -2 )

all you need is kill? Besides ruining the original title, cant these companies at least spell the English correct.

Looking forward to see this movie. Heard good things about it.

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