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Dam discharge


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It's not really all that photogenic. And at this time of year there are far too many other scenic spots in Japan worthy of a JT photo feature.

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interesting place you cant access by own car as you need leave car at parking area than use their electric bus using tunnels between parking area and actual dam.

large one,nice views around,worth to see at once in life.

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It is generating electricity, which is a good thing. But according to Wikipedia, 171 people died in its construction. That is a lot of people.

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Damns destroy natural habitat This is not news, it is pure propaganda for the construction cartel

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It is generating electricity ... Damns destroy natural habitat....

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

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distantcalm at least it's clean energy! what would be your alternative? coal? fossil fuel? nuclear?

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Shame they couldn't use the discharge to generate electricity

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