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Dance for rich harvest


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I really wish I was there to shoot this as part of my portfolio. Beautiful.

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Lovely. Pray that peace is also abundant this year.

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Lovely picture and the scenery is breathtaking. I have always been in love with waterfalls.

KYOTOKYO- saw many of your previous posts and I am touched by your desire for peace and your willing to spread it around.

Sadly my friend, I feel there will be a shortage of it in the near and distant future.

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Similar sentiments you’ve already so eloquently expressed @AlyRustom 12:12pm. - As JRRTolkien’s enduring legacy conveys through the character of Aragorn:

There is always hope.”

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Looks great. Wakayama has a lot of interesting things to do.

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Lately, Picture of The Day has been showing amazing pictures (Pigeon on Canvas, Mt Fuji with Trorii Gate, etc)

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