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''Yuriko Koike has asked the city to turn off as many neon lights as possible''

If this move was linked to conserving energy I would applaud it. But to fight Covid?

I would love to see the transcript from that meeting...'Right, we are completely out of ideas, and can't allow ourselves to look overseas for actions that have proven to be effective....whatever can we do?...

I know! Let's turn off the lights!'.

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Without all the lights Tokyo looks like an ordinary city outside of Japan. I have no idea why more places don't do the same thing with neon lights...making the streets brighter makes them safer, more decorative, and more interesting for pedestrians.

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Turning off Neon lights is a Good Idea, but some people will just never follow any rules or advise just to be different and that normally comes from lack of self confidence, or mental health issues.

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Yes, another direct prove that the viruses not only attack and destroy lung cells. lol

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The lights went off in Koike's office a long time ago.

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Two days in a row! Another appropriate editorial choice reflective of the overall mood.

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a good thing no matter what is the reason. Keep them off and pldds do the same with the useless lighting of offices from companies justfor some managers for their departments to look busy.

i name Microsoft, Canon and japan railway. Madness

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.....turn out the lights...the party's over...

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The virus will get lost and not be able to find targets.

6 ( +7 / -1 )

it's just a gimmick to try to show that the government is doing something

You've just perfectly summed up every government initiative.

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Better be safe than dead.

0 ( +2 / -2 )

It's like 2011 after the big disasters in Tohoku and many cities had reduced the use of electricity.

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