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Day at the beach


A beautiful day at the beach near Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, on Sunday.

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Pretty sure that is not a beach.

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Sure, these beach tents are comfortable, they protect you from the sun and the wind. But it irks me a bit that Japanese use them more like a privacy booth than anything, so they don't need to even make eye contact with other people while at the beach..

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They don’t want getting skin cancer

smart idea

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Looking at that beach it makes me sad at the disgusting looking beaches we have available to us in Tokyo (unless we go out to Izu).

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Inside tents on hot sand are much hotter than on beach. It seems they can't stay inside tent longer. Wonder they feel comfortable inside? Parasol seems to me more comfortable than tent.

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Yeah, those tends are a blight and a logistics hassle. I prefer the shade of trees or sun loungers with parasols, hammocks under trees, etc., as found in Thailand, Malaysia, and nearly all other countries where I've been a beach bum.

Lots of Japan's recreational areas don't have trees, which make these tents a necessity.

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That is Suma Beach(Nearer towards the Suma Beach Park area). It is not “near” Kobe, it is “in” Kobe.

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They don’t want getting skin cancer

Now in their mid 50s, my shoulders are entirely freckled.

But I'd do it again.

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Shirahama (Izu) was quite nice (in more ways than one) this past weekend, excluding Sunday. This dark man still got himself a darker tan.

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Can’t see anything wrong with those little tents if some people prefer them for changing etc. Quite colorful in fact.

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Ah, Suma in August. Lot's of good memories.


Technically, yes. Suma-ward (and the beach) has been part of the city of Kobe since the end of WWII. But Suma goes waaaaaaaay back.

In that way, Suma is in Kobe as much as Arashiyama is in Kyoto. IE. Not really, as far as the locals are concerned.

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