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Akie Abe, wife of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, watches the match between Nick Kyrgios of Australia and Ryan Harrison of the U.S. during the Japan Open tennis tournament at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo on Tuesday.

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I wonder if she went there as a "private" person or as the wife of the PM?

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It must be awesome not having to work for a living.

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A rather sad and and lonely woman. No children, husband never at home, forbidden to work by her dragon of a mother-in-law. No wonder she drinks and goes to watch tennis.

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Too much lemon in the lemonade?

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I don't want to bad mouth her, but I was shocked when I saw the picture. I didn't recognize her. I hate to say this but she has aged considerably since her husband's second stint in office. I remember thinking she was quite an attractive woman a few years back. Check out her wikipedia picture. It makes her look vibrant and attractive.


I know its about 9 years ago, but still, I was really shocked. I didn't recognize her.

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she is sucking umeboshi candy .

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Nice hat.

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I have to admit I wouldn't have recognized her in this photo with that hat. Now if she had been wearing her beekeeper hat and been smiling...

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