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I’d like to crawl inside and take it for a spin!

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Pretty cool! Bring it to Southern Japan.

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I’d like to crawl inside and take it for a spin!

Looks a bit small. Maybe make it a two-seater.

Oh wait, that's a Smart car.

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Interesting. Needs a slightly wider wheel base for stability and traction in wind and snow.

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This looks like a Ghost in the Shell design or smaller version of transport from I, Robot.

The age of robots is approaching.

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“The age of robots is approaching.”

Nothing to fear here. Two working arms and wouldn’t take much more for Zeon to convert it into a mini Zaku-Tank for promotional purposes.

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No smoke & mirrors? - Still, would be hilarious if Mini-Me fell out exhausted after a long day of deliveries. (Rest In Peace, Verne Troyer.)

Best wishes to Seiyu and Rakuten. Keep at it!

4 ( +5 / -1 )

While autonomous delivery has been going on in the USA for a few years, I feel like Japan is about to unveil one of its new core service trends. Japan is a country that takes a long time to build something that will be a self-operating machine...and then once it's completed the whole service is usually very cleverly considered and robust. So I imagine this will finally become a thing.

Uber Eats will be launching two autonomous delivery pilots in LA and based on the success of that America we will see if Americans can truly accept autonomous delivery...Japan, on the other hand, will definitely accept this as they begin to brace for change with the elderly population starting to significantly rise. It is inevitable to see that Rakuten does this to capture the demand of an aging consumer market.

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It will be great if the cost of robots downed and elderly people who now need a mobile supermarket can easy shopping with it!!

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Serve the public deliveries, protect the goods, uphold the schedule.

Robo Delivery Unit oath of service.

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