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Delivery robot


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safer than the clusterfest that is UBEREATS. Seriously dangerous riders that have to take risks to try and make some money and a company that takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for injured or damged third parties. Japan would be a better place with no Ubereats.

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Still need to come out of the house and if the order is wrong or mistaken, who takes the blame? Robot?

These kind of news also interestingly vanishes just like delivery drones.

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Like most ventures of this company (maybe with exception of the e-commerce site) this is doomed to fail...

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What could possibly go wrong?

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That thing better stay out of my way. Tried nearly anywhere else outside of Japan and failed everywhere else.

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Angry drivers will hit and run.

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Beautiful! . . .  in Japan where there is a well disciplined society, such a system may work.

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