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Demolition work ended Wednesday on the National Stadium in Tokyo. After a series of delays, construction will get under way for a new stadium to host the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Olympics. See story here.

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The LA Coliseum, competed for the 1932 Summer Games, was modernized in the late 1970s to then host the 1980 Summer Games and over the decades has been home to the LA Rams, the LA Raiders, UCLA and USC football as well as hosting international soccer matches and literally hundreds for track and field meets.

In other words, rather than wasting money that Japan doesn't have on a new stadium that will be mostly idle after the games (track and field is a non-starter in Asia), Japan could have saved billions refurbishing the existing stadium.

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Greasing that pork barrel.

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"Demolition job" to your skyline, to your national budget, to future more important projects...

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Good riddance, I really hated that stadium, what a blight it was

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Food for thought - Of the last 22 host cities, 20 have been forced to demolish their stadia. Former cities lament hosting the Games. Regardless of legacy, most cities never pay the debt back. Nagano still has a debt of 10m yen per resident! The IOC compensates for nothing.

Google 'Athens Stadium' for a shock.

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well done japan. canada europe and other countries need to do the same as u. demolish and built new structures for greater structures and newer futuristic cities. i hope they also stop the military focus

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sighclops, the cities should pay the debt back to who?

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Look at all the jobs it has created. But spending money you don't have isn't wise. I hope it works out for all.

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