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Design Festa


A frog specimen is displayed at the booth of Iori Tomita's "New World Transparent Specimen," as part of the biannual Design Festa international art event in Tokyo, on Saturday. Tomita's colorful ornaments, such as flounder, frog, and mouse, are made by dyeing bones magenta and cartilage blue.

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Looks like a biology lab that mistakenly used distilled water instead of formaldehyde to store the specimens.

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They all look really cool with those backlights, but take them home and put them on the shelf, and they look creepy.

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I think they look creepy even with the backlights.

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If you like biology, I think they're great. I'm not that interested in physiology myself, but they're hardly morbid. About as morbid as the chicken bones on your plate after dinner.

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There are no chicken bones on my plate, saborichan.

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The bones on my plate don't look like that.

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