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An emergency worker walks amid debris in an area hit by an earthquake and tsunami in Kuji, Iwate Prefecture, on Monday.

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Where do you even start? I've never seen anything this horrible. My prayers not only go out to all the people that have lost family members, but also to these brave pooeple assisting in the relief efforts from all the countries.

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Also, I've heard some people already critisize the relief efforts that is going on. To slow, not enough of this, not enough of that. But as I look at this picture, there is no way you can be prepared for something this horrendous. There will be some confusion. Everybody is trying to get supplies and relief workers to one million places at one time. Keep up the good work Japan.

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Reminds me of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. I pray that the Japanese government handles it better than the LA and USA governments.

This is a huge job. Huge doesn't come close to explaining how big it is. 5 yrs later, there will probably still be piles of debris. Japan has a better chance of working faster since people will tend to work together for the greater good.

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For all loss and devastation caused by tsunami and quakes, Japanese people will rebuild their lives soon. There will be more challenges Japan facing now, but people will work together for their better lives and happiness. Governments - at all levels - will redesign local development plans, especially erecting more concrete building around each town as high-ground shelters for people to seek safe-and-sound temporary places, furthermore, solar-power electricity back-up systems and equipments to supply these areas. A lot of preparation and future works is waiting for Japan now. But we are praying for all people who are experience pain and loss. Rerouting a water current to different directions can reduce the power of destruction by erecting more concrete structure and landmarks will be considered for people's safety ... each residential house will equip with a package of survival kits ...

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Just a thought, but it would seem a multi-level car park situated in every town with an external ramp would facilitate the movement to a higher elevation. The ramp would allow hundreds to ascend at once rather than the dozens that would be able to use stairs/elevators at one time.

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Our thought go out to all the people of this awesome country!

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Gurukun started if off the best for so many of us with TVs were simply amazed at the info on the media. It just seemed impossible to accept as being true. Shocking must be the loss of close ones. For each time I receive more photos I have to shake my head in amazement & now one to possibly a 2nd Nuclear Reactor is actingu to possibly a melt-dawn.

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