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Digging for clams


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It still makes me nervous that nobody in the picture is wearing a mask. It is still too early for that.

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How many people and how many clams per person? This seems like a particularly bad way of stripping a beach of shellfish if restrictions aren't enforced.

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Good on them, outside and having fun. The kids must be loving it

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It still makes me nervous that nobody in the picture is wearing a mask. It is still too early for that.

They are outside, in the sunshine and fresh air, with plenty of space between each family group. No problem at all. Or would you rather people were forced to stay indoors, out of the fresh air, staring at screens all day long?

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That owners of that place sprinkle the clams out in the water every morning for people to collect-when I went there with my school, I was told that the clams are imported from North Korea. They must import a lot, as it is hard not to go home without a bucketful.

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Darren, exactly what I was going to say. People in Kanto have always sprinkled clams even 50 years ago in Isogo in Yokohama when I was a kid (there was a beach back then) as well as near where Tokyo Disneyland is today. I have also heard they use clams from NK but wouldn’t be surprised if they’re still using it today.

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Matogata Beach. There are many heavy chemical and steel works on the coast.

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That's strange. Our local supermarket doesn't hide the fruits and vegetables in the ground for us to dig up. Saves me a lot of time.

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My J-wife and our kids loved taking a cooler box out to 浜松市, Hamamatsu-shi and into the bay at low tide to dig up clams. We took them back to our mansion in Shizuoka Shi and distributed them to our neighbors and had a clam soup competition.

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