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Digging up the past


Kazuyuki Kawamura, right, and Noboru Watanabe, of a citizen's group investigating the issue of human bones found at a former medical school site, speak to the media on Monday. Japan has started excavation at the site of the former school linked to Unit 731, a germ and biological warfare outfit during the war. Shadowy experiments conducted by the unit on war prisoners have never been officially acknowledged by the government but have been documented by historians and participants.

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Seems like the bones will have dissappeared along with the building that was taken away.

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have never been officially acknowledged by the government but have been documented by historians and participants.

what documents?

Please provide a list of historians, participants and documents.

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Here you go in case you cant look it up for yourself

Yuki Tanaka, Hidden Horrors, Westviewpress, 1996, p.138 ^ AII The War Crime "Unit 731" and Chinese, Korean Civilian. ci: Website ^ The devil unit, Unit 731. 731部隊について : website Hal Gold, Unit 731 Testimony, 2003, p. 109 ^ Daniel Barenblatt, A Plague upon Humanity, 2004, p.xii, 173. Richard Lloyd Parry (February 25, 2007). "Dissect them alive: order not to be disobeyed". Times Online. Williams, Peter. Unit 731: Japan's Secret Biological Warfare in World War II, Free Press, 1989.

Just to name a few

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I certainly hope they aren't going to dig EXACTLY where the building was, and then say, "See, there's nothing here. Nothing happened."

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There are a couple of good English books on Unit 731 if you want to read more. It is well documented. There was a national tour in early 90's, that aimed to expose the atrocities to the people of Japan who until then knew little about them. A book was released just after that by an Author named called something Gold. Not the most amazing book in the world, but worth a read. The saddest part about the whole unit was the fact that the Yanks knew about it after the war, and Japan handed over all documents and evidence about unit 731 to them in exchange for immunity form prosecution for war crimes.

On a side note, some of the medical technolopgy we have today exists only because of the experiments that unit 731 did on "Maruta" during the war. Maruta was the code word that the unit used to refer to the patients or dead bodies. Maruta means log in Japanese.

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"Nightmare in Manchuria" is a good documentary on U731. Maybe NHK will show it?

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