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Disaster prevention drill


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The children should not be under the desks at school. It's safer to lay on the floor between the desks and has been tested in California earthquakes. It will save lives when the desks get squashed but still stop debris from hitting kids.

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Good idea to protect the children's heads. In the 1971 Sylmar earthquake, we had a neighbor who was killed in one of the aftershocks, when a falling brick hit him in the head.

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Now teach them to "Don & Clear" an NBC Mask, and they'll be HALF set.

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It's safer to lay on the floor between the desks

I'm assuming this is based on the "triangle of life" concept. If so, the idea is heavily criticized. I'd want my kids to get under the desk, especially if they are built like the ones in the photo.

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The kid in front looks like he's wearing a padded tin foil hat.

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Those padded hoods reminds me of our problem with hail storms in the US such as the recent disaster in Colorado Springs. Good idea to export. By the way, that silver reflective surface on two of the hoods helps to keep it cooler.

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