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Disaster relief lottery


SMAP singer Takuya Kimura, 39, and actress Riisa Naka, 22, appear on a poster for the Green Jumbo Lottery which is being held to raise money for reconstruction in the Tohoku area. The top prize is 300 million yen, while the next two prize winners will each receive 100 million yen, according to Mizuho Bank. Other prizes range from 10 million yen to 5 million yen. Mizuho said 220 million lottery tickets will be sold for 300 yen. The winners will be announced at a drawing ceremony on March 23 in Sendai.

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Good luck to Mizuho (guaranteed) and hope people will get relief in the disaster affected areas.

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Yeap Mizuho will win big time, as always. Why is it you are sure to win 300 yen at least with every pack of 10 tickets but see you pay 3000 yen, so the 2700 go to Mizuho..

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They look like sisters...

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I think you mean photoshopped in with stock photo, this is the worst artwork I've seen yet!

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I'll be satisfied with 5 million yen.

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Pamelot, that was cute.

Lotteries here are much more fair. Lots of people win.

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He looks like a big girl.....like all Japanese men do

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This is great idea helping the Tohoku region. I have one question - What happen to the money that the whole world donated? Good luck whoever wins!

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Ditto MrEdit. I've been wondering if the organizations are still squabbling over how or what to spend the donations on. I read about a committee being formed to decide on a course of action. (ha, ha...) Have they actually come to a conclusion and made public their decisions? I haven't read anything. All these fundraisers for Tohoku and no one knows what specifically the money is being used for.

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He looks like a big girl.....like all Japanese men do Last time I checked my husband looked like a man. As does Ken Watanabe and millions of other men here. Seems you've got issues.

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Here's a thought, how about all the money goes to the Tohoku victims? If one of us buys the winning ticket we get tax exemptions for life, and the winnings go to a randomly selected family in Tohoku? Everyone wins, the people who really need the money win, the people who won the ticket (who I presume have a job) win a nice tax benefit for life.

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The two women are beautiful, and I'm sure they'll help bring a lot of publicity and money to the Tohoku victims!

But, I prefer my J-chicks younger, and more cheerful!

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But, I prefer my J-chicks younger,

Riisa Naka is 22.

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the babe at the left has taste in choosing her scarf while the right babe 's outfit resembles a parrot.

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Can we stop with the 'Takuya Kimura is a girl' comments, he looks nothing like a woman. If you really think he's a girl, then there is something wrong with your eyesight.

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I disagree - I think he DOES look like a girl. Thankfully not all Japanese men follow his route of "fashion" and plastic surgery.

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I don't know either of these two, and they both appear to be women. Just my POV

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why is his lips blue ? why am i commenting about this ?

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I want money!

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