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Disinfecting school


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I think it is time to think reorganization.

Put everything in perfectly closed box according to need. It must be easier to disinfect box to hundred of things put around everywhere and which for some must not have been used for weeks.

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What'll be next, drawing squares in the playground for each kid to play in alone?

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I would hate to be kyronstavic's child. Personally, I would rather be overly cautious when it comes to the safety of children, but of course the idea of drawing squares on the playground is ridiculous. On the other hand, disinfecting a building where the virus is very likely to be is a great precaution.

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I have come to believe that the masks are helpful. I am sending some to my father in Florida.

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Supposedly after a month left alone - the virus dies

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Personally, I would rather be overly cautious when it comes to the safety of children, 

The risk to children is minimal from coronavirus- it's who an infected child can spread it to that is the concern.

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