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Disney Christmas parade


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Why did they have a Japanese Santa ,Santa has no true color,only in the heart of those who perceived him

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Disneyland is suppose to be the happiest place on earth LOL that is sad when the average family can't buy a ticket to get in let alone buy anything to eat once inside the park. They consulted me as engineering specialist for their space ride. I declined can't stand Disney for the reasons above, kids can't be kids its the only place where people like RATS!!!

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I love the parades. Everyone lines up to watch them, making a it a good time to catch some rides while the lines are shorter.

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Two rats from an amusement park and a Santa, all three aren't real..

Seriously, are there people who still believe that this is the true meaning of Christmas??..


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All about money. Not the true meaning of Christmas at all.

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Santa lost some weight and years. That is a shame to doll up any foreigner in a rich costume. There is a whole pool of real Santa actors they can hire. I am sure they have the money.

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Definitely going to go last week.

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