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So many people in the photo outside of competitors without masks or proper mask use. I assume about the same ratio will be mask-compliant for the Olympics.

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Clearly IF there are any actual covid protocols for this event they are being broken in this picture!!!

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So many people not wearing masks or wearing them improperly, and no social distancing at all. This event should be closed down.

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Agree with all others here. Why are half the onlookers not wearing masks.

selfish and irresponsible

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I can just imagine corona swimming in that pool

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I see there is one person with a chin warmer. Somebody should tell the organizers to turn up the heat by a couple of degrees.

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Since September 2020, 270 world championships and world cups had taken place involving over 30,000 athletes, who had been subject to more than 200,000 tests. He noted that, even without vaccinations being widely available, not one of these events had turned into a virus-spreader, providing proof that international sports events with a large number of international participants can be organised while safeguarding the health of everyone.


Nobody has spread COVID at any major events since last September. The Protocols being used have been working. No need to freak out. Their plan is working.

I don't have any problem with Olympic athletes being "selfish" in an Olympic year. About 75% of the competitors at this event did not qualify for the Olympics. There are 12 qualifying slots in each event. The Woman's 3m had 48 entrants. Some prior Olympians didn't make the cut this year.

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Then why are those 75% even here? How did they get here, and what was the quarantine?

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Then why are those 75% even here?

The World Cup is a "qualifying event" for divers and countries who haven't already earned a spot in the Olympics for July/August. It is open to the world, with some eligibility requirements controlled by FINA to ensure competitive athletes. In theory, 25% of the athletes who don't normally compete at international competitions could win, knocking the people who we've watched on TV for a decade out of the Olympics. There were a few surprise winners at this competition and a few former winners who didn't qualify for July's games. Sometimes a diver just has a bad day and doesn't win as expected.

How did they get here, and what was the quarantine?

I bet they flew - on an aeroplane. There are links provided and web searching will easily find the rules for the different groups in Japan at this competition as related to quarantine.

Only the Japanese venue workers, volunteers, coaches and athletes are still in Japan by now. Everyone else has left or is at the airport. The sky isn't falling. They've been in high risk contact with people, so I hope they are required to quarantine for a few weeks at home while still being tested with the tests paid for by FINA.

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Nobody at the event tested positive. There were over 400 people involved. See other story on JT about the covid results post-event.

One person tested positive on arrival and was quarantined.

The sky isn't falling.

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