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Dog office


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I believe there is a type of social interactive shock since being in a pandemic for a few years. The anxiety comes from not always knowing who is healthy and who is infected. You also do not always know your response to the infection. There is no consistency which means uncertainty. In addition, some people do not want to respect other people's boundaries. You also do not know who has the next deadly strain incubating in their body.

As far as the picture and the concept:

Imagine if that was a cat! Nothing would ever get done.

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More cat offices please !!..

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Totally ridiculous. Pets do not belong in offices. Obviously they would be a distraction.

I really dislike this tendency in Japan of treating dogs as humans, dressing them up and pampering them like spoiled kids. Yuck.

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communicate with other people with the help of our dogs

Will be able to communicate effectively? Need sharp sense of smell too, then.

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Yes! Dogs Make Humans More Human! But they have to be taken out for a walk for natural reasons.

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Noel looks to be a very diligent dog - I just hope he doesn't burn-out coping with the terribly long-hours.

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I think I might have a slight problem seeing the screen if I sat there cuddling my dog, Labrador’s tend to take up rather a lot of space!

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Imagine the stench of place in summer or if the animal has an accident. No thanks.

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Allowing pets in the office is not uncommon in the US. In fact, in Silicon Valley, and tech companies in general, it's quite common. And, quite enjoyed by most employees, whether they have dogs or not.

But, you aren't isolated in special dog areas. It's the opposite. Folks who are allergic or for some weird reason just don't like to be around loyal, friendly, funny creatures, can request to be assigned to boring, joyless, dog-free floors.

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Monty - WTF!

That was my reaction when I saw how it was separated from regular working areas. Might as well just WFH then.

Foxy - Totally ridiculous. Pets do not belong in offices. Obviously they would be a distraction.

Not for the employees of the world's most successful companies, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc. In fact, it helps them work better by making the office a warmer, friendlier, less stressful place.

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Totally ridiculous. Pets do not belong in offices. Obviously they would be a distraction.

That's silly. My dad has two cats, I work in his house every day. Sometimes they distract me by sitting on my lap! The horror, the horror.

Seriously, people messaging me with questions they could have answered themselves with some initiative and a bit of thought are way more distracting than the occasional cat in the lap. I'd be fine with cats in our office. Dogs aren't even that big a deal - people have been working at home with them all pandemic.

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Strangerland, I think if my point-of-view was "silly", then office staff would have been bringing dogs and cats to their offices since way back. Why is it they haven't?

If anything is silly, it is comparing a work at home environment with an office environment. The differences are obvious. Your home is your dog ' s home environment too, where it is relaxed and needs little attention. If it is a distraction, it is only for you and no-one else.

To me, if companies want to spend money on attracting staff by improving working conditions, the money would be much better spent on subsidising childcare for people with young kids, rather than on people whose kids are cuddly poodles.

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