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Dolphin show


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What a packed audience. LOL

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While that looks beautiful and amazing, what's even more beautiful and amazing is those dolphins swimming freely with their un-slaughtered families in the open ocean.

I'm from San Diego and I'm happy that SeaWorld San Diego has ended their "Killer Whale" show, but more needs to be done to also end the dolphin shows. Sea World officially states that they get none of their animals from Japanese drive/hunts, but they have in the past and other marine parks (especially in Japan) still do.

The cold hard fact is that these animals are better off in the wild where they belong. One recent study is purporting to show that the immune systems of captive dolphins are more robust than those in the wild, but that's only one small part of their overall health. If a person was kept in a cage their entire life but given the finest medical care and kept alive till a ripe old age, one could argue that they are healthier in captivity, but no one in their right mind would chose captivity just for immune health alone.


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If that is falling water in the circular cascade, it must have been quite hard to get the dolphins to jump through it. Their breathing requires them to take air in through their nostrils on the back of their head, and they are super sensitive regarding control of that.


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"Last Christmas, I was swimming in the wild, but..."

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Did they come from Wakayama?

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Even Sea World attendance is falling

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