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A poster at a subway station in Tokyo asks commuters not to walk up and down escalators.

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They tried this about 10 years ago or so in Yokohama, they had guards and staff trying to remind people, worked a little, but eventually people went back to their normal ways...

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Logic-free BS based on a microscopic percentage of mishaps.

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... in rush hour they could move more people up and down the escalator if everyone stood.

Alas, this finding seems counterintuitive to most people who are hard pressed for time if they are not moving forward on their own volition. Another example of emotion overriding logic.

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How about people stand on one side and don't block one side so i don't knock you over!!!

Is this because of the Olympics?

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They tried an experiment on the London Underground at one station. They modelled that in rush hour they could move more people up and down the escalator if everyone stood.

The people who walk just ignored the new rules and the experiment ended.

However, so few people ever get hurt walking on the escalators. The accidents that do happen are mostly late at night with drunks travelling home. This is an over-reaction to a basically non-existent problem.

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Sensible. At least during the pandemic. Not so certain about gripping the hand rail.

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"Be careful to stand between the yellow lines!"

This is about as sensible.

Nothing dangerous about walking or running on escalators as long as you're in present time, aware of your surroundings.

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Give me the Nanny State any day of the week. People need to be reminded of certain dangers if absent minded or in a rush to nowwhere. Falling not only hurts the falling person but others below or above. Take it from me. A very kind Afro-American gentle person saved me on a near escalator fall with luggage in hand @ Penn Station. Always remind myself to be careful and respect the safety of others even if I am a foolish @ 76 !

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why not have both? those who want to just stay still keep to one side, those who want to walk/run/fly etc use the other side of the escalator? nanny state indeed....

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Actually the most dangerous thing with busy escalators is people stopping at one end and looking to see which way to go.

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Are they going to tell people to not walk on stairs too?

My brain just imploded!!!!

There are hardly any foreign tourists in Japan at the moment. Don't need any of the other languages.

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It seems only recently that people were allowed to walk on escalators and now they are going back to the old way again.

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The stairs comment here is important. I do take the stairs all the time, keeps me fit but people on the stairs come and go in all directions, paying no attention to the arrows on the stairs and i am fine with that as over regulation is what kills this country.

if you stop people, and i rarely see anyone run up or down the escalators, butt just walking carefully mostly, the problem gets transferred to the stairs, not solved.

if there would be a problem at all in the first place. Coming to Japan the first time i was impressed with the system , stand one side , walk the other. One of the few systems that work here.

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They have had this in Sapporo for 2 years. Few pay attention to it though.

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People likely walk on escalator if they all stand at left side only in Tokyo and right side only in Osaka. They do not walk if they stand at both right and left sides.

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Stupidist campaign ever.

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The graphics arts department ht came up with this needs to get with the times. None of those figures are wearing masks and they are touching the handrail. No wonder Tokyo's numbers keep going up. (Slight sarcasm intended)

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Are they going to tell people to not walk on stairs too?

Good idea. Walking is very dangerous as well. People should be forced to stay in their homes, for our own good. Perhaps attach bars and an outside lock, to prevent irresponsible people from trying leave.

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Are they going to tell people to not walk on stairs too?

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The nanny state at work. I'll continue to walk and even run on the escalators if I need to. And I'll not touch the handrail, especially during these COVID times.

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